Imaginé par Alessandro Pannone et Francesco Malinconico du studio italien Pama Architetti Yacht Design, le concept Flaming Ice est un splendide yacht de 80 pieds à la ligne dynamique et la dotation luxueuse qui propose en outre une multitude d’éléments modulables tels que des ponts et stores rétractables permettant d’adapter l’aménagement extérieur du bateau selon les envies et les besoins du moment. Découvrez tous les détails en images dans la suite !


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Description originale

From the very beginning, the idea of this 80 ft motor yacht aimed at having well-defined project guide lines:an appealing and dynamic design but at the same time elegant and functional with comfortable and bright areas, giving a thought to the open-space philosophy. The cover appears as a single glass surface which incorporates a fold-away sliding part thus guaranteeing a direct light on the areas below. Careful attention has been paid to the sailing world and to the relations between indoors and outdoors. Therefore, there is a clear definition of the stern area:this appears as a dinette directly connected, by a glass partition, to an extendable platform, a comfortable terrace on the sea. The indoor furniture has been studied following simple, clean lines consistent with the overall design of the boat.

Alessandro Pannone & Francesco Malinconico / Pama Architetti Yacht Design